Movie Suggestions

Fundraising Potential

Based on how many tickets you sell, the cost price from us will reduce, maximizing your profits! All prices include GST.

Based on a $17 ticket selling price:

Ticket Sales Sell Cost per ticket You Receieve You Pay Regent Potential Profit
1 – 50 50 TICKETS $12.50 $850.00 $625.00 $225.00
51 – 99 90 TICKETS $12.00 $1530.00 $1080.00 $450.00
100 – 199 180 TICKETS $11.50 $3060.00 $2070.00 $990.00
200 – 299 250 TICKETS $10.50 $4250.00 $2625.00 $1625.00
300+ 350 TICKETS $10.00 $5950.00 $3500.00 $2450.00

Ticket price is at your discretion, other suggested prices are $18 per ticket or $20 per ticket.

How does it work?

• Pick an appropriate movie for your audience. The film choice can make or break your fundraising.
• Choose a date for your fundraiser – keep in mind sporting commitments, school holidays or other events that may mean people cannot attend.
• Book your fundraiser screening close to the official release date, to minimise people seeing the movie before your screening.
• We will provide you with your fundraising tickets, including all the relevant information on each ticket to on-sell to your networks.
• Advertising materials and artwork is available to help create your Movie Fundraising campaign.
• A contact person from Regent Cinemas will be available to assist your campaign.

What’s the best way to run a fundraiser?

• Give yourself enough time to organise a movie fundraiser.
• Read our “How to host a fundraiser” document for great tips and advice.
• We recommend 10 ticket sellers to help share the load, make sure you record who and how many tickets they are each given.
• Make regular contact with your sellers to assist and support them.
• Get creative with your campaign. Use social media and group emails to target your audience.
• Have fun!

Fundraising Bonus Vouchers

As a reward for your fundraising efforts, we will donate Regent Vouchers back to your group, which can be used as rewards, thank you’s or additional fundraising. For example, sell 100 tickets and get 4x Traditional and 2x Showcase Premium Regent Movie vouchers back. *Number of bonus vouchers vary based on ticket sales.

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